making arrivals

i find there’s a strange phenomenon that happens towards the end of the process of making an album.  

a moment when every song has sort of taken its form, but the record is still a month and a week or two away from getting out there on the internet - some songs are more polished than others - some are quieter than others, some instruments are too loud - those drums are out of time.

but the general skeleton is there.

i think, ‘okay lets put these on a CD.  in order.  and I’ll listen through, and see what we have here’

so i do.  in my car, in my bed in the dark, on old weird boomboxes, on my living room speakers.

and suddenly my car is littered with blank CDs all marked with permanent marker:

arrivals june 6

arrivals june 30

arrivals july 17

arrivals july 30

arrivals july 31

arrivals august 7

all these semi permanent documents - records of a project in a state of constant flux - each one rendered old and outdated with the burning of next week’s disc

a project that seemingly will never be perfect nor finished.

its a strange impatient-patience we experience while we hide away in our basements and bedrooms making these songs.

for now, the sounds on arrivals are private, unfinished, ugly things.  slowly becoming the tunes we’ve been scheming up.

as the permanent marker date on the face of the blank CDs inches forward, the sound gets closer and closer to the final product.  and we are so excited for everyone to hear it.