Happy New Year's Eve!

I am sitting somewhere in southern Florida surrounded by grapefruit rinds and electronics, listening to A Sun Came!, and staring off into the Atlantic Ocean. If we swam directly across the sea in an impossibly straight course along the latitude line, where would we land?

photo (12).JPG

Because my parents are of an older time, they don’t think to immediately look up the answer online, so this has been the topic of debate this vacation.  Dad says Portugal and Mom’s all for Egypt. (They’re both way off, but boy are they passionate about it.) There’s something nice about wild speculation sometimes.

Western Sahara. That’s the answer in case you’re curious. But if you were, you probably already googled it anyway.

But Western Africa is not important. (Woah, woah, woah! okay yes it most certainly is. please help me with my segue….) What I’m talking about is the wild speculation part. What better setting is there to wildly speculate about the future than staring across the ocean and wondering about where you’ll end up on the other side?

It’s New Year’s Eve, also known by some as the-most-introspective-day-of-the-year, and by most as drinking-your-sorrows-away-and-dancing-inappropriately-to-beyonce’s-single-ladies. I’m planning on doing a little bit of both.

2013’s been a crazy year for SU. Since last year’s New Year’s, which we spent together in Pittsburgh making weird drinks involving pickle juice, we have done a lot of music-ing. Somehow we made three recordings! Last January we ate a lot of meat while recording the Ligonier Sessions in snowy, PA. We spent the remainder of the year crafting and polishing Arrivals EP mainly over the internet. In the meantime, Grant fucking graduated college (what is that) with a BFA in musical theater and moved to fucking New York City, settling in Astoria, Queens. We started living in the same city for the first time (pretty much ever). We have band practice. More recently, we drank a lot of coffee and recorded a little Christmas album with some old favorites and two winter originals (Here's a little Auld Lang Syne if you're in the spirit).

2014’s got big plans for us, and we’ve got big plans for 2014. We’re a real band now! Right? Right. We’re going to play shows! In front of real people! With other real musicians! We’re in the process of writing and starting to record our next LP! I’m going to graduate from university! And move out of cozy Manhattan to more spacious Brooklyn (probably)! We’re a real band now. And I absolutely cannot wait to start this year.

Cheers to you! May you get fantastically drunk tonight as you wildly speculate about your own 2014.